Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's FUCKED UP, I'm SICK of it, and there's NOTHING I can DO about it!

...except this.

Since switching to FIOS, I've been unable to watch LinkTV.  Now, I only watched their featured documentaries plus two other shows regularly:  World Music (I miss it so much!) and Mosaic, a program featuring various news reports from broadcast stations throughout the Middle East.

Imagine my happy surprise when I found two Mosaic podcasts available on Zune Marketplace; Mosaic Intelligence Report and Mosaic:  World News from the Middle East.  Now, having viewed Mosaic before, I knew what to expect....lots of America-bashing.  However, a certain report from Beirut made me particularly furious yesterday.

The report began with the statement, "The disasterous outcome of America's war on Fallujah exceeds their attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki." 
OK, immediatly I'm all ears as this has the potential to be a propoganda whammy.  As the newscaster speaks of America's "unethical" use of weapons, etc., videos of white sheet-shrouded bodies, many lifted to reveal fly-ridden faces of dead children run in the background.  If this report is to be believed, Fallujah suffered more shelling than any other place on the globe since WWII, and as a result, its physicians have begun to report that " a certain city in Norther Iraq, cancer in children under 14 years of age is 4x higher than a comparable city in Jordan, and 8x higher than a comparable city in Kuwait."  There's more..."Stillbirths and children born with disabilities" (such as "two heads" and "missing limbs") have increased, and all within 14 years.  No matter the reason, this information is horrible to hear, but I honestly wasn't aware that we had nuked Fallujah, let alone worse than we did Japan.  I think even I would have heard about it long before this.

The reporting continues; films of dead &/or sick children, but none receiving chemo, nor with extra or missing body parts.  None of them looked wasted with cancer, or even malnourished.  It was also reported that the types of cancer are "similar to those reported by Japanese survivors."  The causes of death for these children are not apparent by the video.  Hmmm, instead, could it possibly have been caused by the poison gas so generously doled out from their oh-so-beloved and missed Saddam Hussein?  Of course not!

The newscaster then states that US forces did admit to using "white phosphorus" in its munitions during its attacks on Fallujah.  Now, I'm no chemist, but I know phospherus, alone, is not a radioactive material; however, I know nothing of "white" phospherus.

White phospherus is used to generate smoke, lighting, and as an incendiary weapon,  among other things.  It mainly causes damage via chemical burns both internally and externally.  These injuries can be mild to severe, even fatal, but due to chemical burns, not radiation.

Look, I know America is not perfect, but I do believe that we've figured a few things out, and are ahead of the game; especially compared to most other countries.  Long before 9/11 I read that in the Middle East, the onus is on the individual to make sure you not being taken advantage of (the author had lived in Afghanistan for a number of years).  For example, you're in the market looking to buy salt.  You don't know how much salt costs, and you end up purchasing it at three times the usual price.  The seller would be praised for his "winnings" while you would be considered a fool.  Shame on you.

Although it's been confirmed by others over the years, I have not experienced this on my own.  Until I do, I cannot take it as gospel.  That being said, this ridiculous news report is only the most recent of many I've seen from that part of the world over the years.  These government run stations can spoon feed their viewers any kind of crap they desire without being held accountable.

No wonder they feel they way they do about us.  Hell, I would, too!

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