Saturday, July 10, 2010

R.I.P., Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Homer

Within the last couple of years, our family has lost our matriarch (my grandmother, Grace), her younger sister (my Aunt Dorothy), and just yesterday, my -great- Uncle Homer.  Since our family is now spread across the U.S., both my grandmother and great aunt had to wait awhile for their memorial services.

Aunt Dorothy's memorial was this morning.  For various reasons, a number of us had to attended via mobile phone.  Sounds just awful, doesn't it? 
Although I'm grateful (and Rev. Davies is delighted by said utilization of this modern device), it makes me cringe a little.  To make matters worse, my phone went all wonky -verrry funny, Aunt Dorothy!  By the time the lines cleared, I was only able to catch the last line of the ceremony, and my mom saying "Thank you, Reverend Davies" in her thick-with-tears voice, which is all it takes to get mine a-flowing.

Mom's tears, Aunt Dorothy's service (and not being there), the phone fiasco, Uncle Herb passing away, hearing my sister-in-law say she's close to divorcing my brother (yes, this happened  this morning, too), and a dreary, rainy day turns out to be one helluva recipe for The Blues.

I almost succumbed.  I was looking out of our picture window, thinking that the leaves on the trees looked as heavy with rain as my heart felt with grief, when I said "goodbye" to Aunt Dorothy.  Then, suddenly, I felt alright.  Sad, but alright.  I then realized that she was alright, too.  No more clumsy, crippled, pain-wracked body for her (she was born with cerebral palsy) any more.  I know she finally has a form to match her formidable mind.  She can dance along side her always-beautiful, graceful sister, and her partner is some hunkofa man-angel who just happens to have a little touch o' the devil in him.

Rest in peace, Aunt Dorothy.  Tell Grandma and Baba I love them, and keep an eye out for Uncle Homer.  Knowing the men in our family, he may need a hand up!  XD

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